These are Bills that we were facing during the 2015 legislative session.

SB 663- (Smoke Shop & Vape Shop Permitting – Senate Finance and Revenue Committee) This is a perfect example of a gut & stuff. Originally, this bill covered governmental framework for conducting public health activities in this state and for providing public health services to residents of this state. It is now a bill that requires permitting of Smoke Shops and Vape Shops (nearly identical to HB 3534). This gut & stuff was done because SB 416 didn’t make it out of committee. This bill will now require all smoke shops and vapes shops to obtain a permit from the OLCC in order to make retail sales within the state. The cost of the permit will be $300.00 per year. It also forbids anyone under 18 from entering the premises. Currently, it makes it illegal for anyone under 21 to purchase cigarettes or vaping products (this will probably be changed to 18 years of age in an amendment) and it restricts smoke shops and vape shops from being within 1000 feet of a school (this may get changed in an amendment). It does, however, exclude vape shops from the Oregon Clean Air Act. The permitting and Clean Air Act exclusion won’t take effect until July 2017.

UPDATE SB 663- This bill appears to be dead, at least for licensing. We are still attempting to get our exclusion here but it is a long shot. THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 2546- (No sale to persons under 18, inclusion of Vaping in the Oregon Clean Air Act – currently in Senate Healthcare Committee) It still looks like we will get our vape shop exclusion from the Oregon Clean Air Act with a two year sunset (good until 2017). If we get this two year exclusion and SB 663 gets approved with our proposed amendments (vape shop exclusion beginning in July 2017), vape shops will have an exclusion from the Clean Air Act that extends beyond 2017.

UPDATE HB 2546- This bill is now law! Sale to minors and possession by minors are now illegal. Vaping will also be included under the Clean Air Act as of January 1, 2016.

HB 2074 & HB 2134- (Taxation of e-cigarettes as tobacco products) Both of these bills are now dead.

HB 2558- (Directs State Board of Pharmacy to adopt rules making nicotine Schedule III controlled substance.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 2583- (Directs Oregon Health Authority to conduct study of effects of tobacco and nicotine on individuals who are 19 to 21 years of age.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 2854- (Same as SB 756) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 3053- (Increases rate of taxation on cigarettes and tobacco products.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 3534- (Smoke Shop & Vape Shop Permitting – House Healthcare Committee) This bill had a hearing in the House Healthcare Committee on Friday, April 17. This bill is still alive, but may get dropped if SB 663 gets approved (it’s basically the same bill). THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 190- (Prohibits internet sales of cigarettes, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes) There was a hearing on Monday for this bill and it looks like it will move forward without vaping. In other words, it will not be illegal to sell vapor products over the internet. VAPING REMOVED FROM THIS BILL!

SB 340- (Amends laws concerning sale of tobacco products to, and use of tobacco products by, minors so those laws equally apply to inhalant delivery systems.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 415- (Makes it illegal to sell flavored tobacco products or vapor products) Amendment approved that takes vaping out of this bill. The bill is currently in the revenue committee and may die in the committee. VAPING REMOVED FROM THIS BILL!

SB 417- (Requires cigarette shops and e-cigarette shops to obtain permits from OLCC) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 732- (Makes it illegal to sell tobacco products or tobacco product devices to person under 21 years of age.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 756- (Makes it illegal to vape cannabinoid solutions in a motor vehicle.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 797- (Defines “vapor products.” Amends laws related to use of tobacco products by minors to include use of vapor products by minors.) THIS BILL IS DEAD!

SB 416- (tobacco tax, would have involved us if we were classified as tobacco) Currently in Ways and Means and may die in committee. THIS BILL IS DEAD!

HB 2160, HB 2066, HB 2162, HB 2166, SB 14- (tobacco tax, would have involved us if we were classified as tobacco). THESE BILLS ARE ALL DEAD!