Greetings NWVA Members,

At this point in the legislative session things happen fast and furious. Over the past two weeks I have sat down to write this update several times but decided to wait because of imminent pending action on one or more of the bills. Several things contribute to this flurry of activity. First of all, several deadlines have been set for bills. The deadline for bills to have a public hearing has already passed (if they haven’t had a hearing, they are dead), as has the deadline for a work session to be scheduled. The deadline for bills to come out of committee is coming up very soon (I don’t have the exact date in front of me right now). Because of this, hearings and work sessions don’t get their customary two week notice. In fact, it is not uncommon for a two hour notice to be given. Also, at this point in the legislative cycle, it is not uncommon for a “gut and stuff” bill to come forward. This is the process by which an amendment is proposed for a bill that basically guts the previous content of the bill and a whole new bill is stuffed in its place. This usually happens when a legislator has a bill that is defeated in a hearing or work session and the legislator then does a “gut & stuff” to resurrect the bill. It is also the time for “bill trading” to happen. If a legislator doesn’t have enough support to get one of his or her bills passed, he or she will make a deal with other legislators to support a bill in return for another bill getting approved or defeated. Because all of this is going on right now, not only do things change daily, they may change several times in one day.

As you can see from the list, we have been fending off at least sixteen bills that affect vaping in the current legislative session. So, without getting into the gory details, here’s a status update on the bills we’ve been tracking…

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